Attachment in society is pretty common. Everyone is attached to their phone, their friends, family, and attached to their goals. In this article, I’m going to share something I learned and it’s only going to be about attachment to your desires.

Have you ever heard of the phenomenon where — as soon as you stop searching for something, it’s shows up at your doorstep?

Lots of people are no stranger to this and in fact, I’ve experienced this.

For the longest time, I was extremely stuck up on finding a girlfriend. I wouldn’t do much in my every day to…

Time spent ____ing is time well spent. Can you fill in the blank?

As a student home for the summer, I’ve been struggling with using my time properly, something a productivity guru would approve. Here are some ways that I figured out that worked for me, so disclaimer, it may not work for you.

It should though.

1. Exercising

Spend your hours after work or school in the gym or with some friends outside. Pick up a barbell, hit the ab machine, or run a game of pickup basketball with the homies. I don’t have any friends… Okay, then go for a…

Here’s my issue with Bitcoin.

  1. Proof of work.
  2. Static.
  3. Useless.
  4. Energy inefficient
  5. Slow.

Need I say more?

It was rhetorical, and I will.

Bitcoin has first-movers’ advantage. It is however, so slow. There is so much invested in it currently, but one day, it is will see its day. See you!

Extremely long settlement time, extremely low programability, can’t issue assets natively. Can’t really do anything interesting or unique. It was a generational talent. And then it wasn’t. The only reason why crypto even exists, is due to the framework left by the Bitcoin behemoth. It could’ve been something, but…

The mission is simple. A financial system that enables both the poorest and richest person in the world the same tools and both get treated fairly.

Cardano is one of the biggest, low-key cryptocurrencies, created by mathematician Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum. If you’re not familiar, he created Ethereum alongside Vitalik Buterin, and the two had a falling-out that caused a rift in their relationship, personally and in their venture, Ethereum.

Cardano is the newest, and third generation of cryptocurrencies. In a sentence, it’s a financial operating system. Building all the protocols a legacy systems (the ones that run our…

It’s really simple. Let me help you help you.

Your wallet can thank you later.

Today is June 9th, 2021. At the time of writing this article, Ethereum (ETH) is at $2,571.27, up 939% percent in a year from $215.16. A month ago, on May 8th, it topped at $4,384.43 (over 1,700% gains since June 9th, 2020).

Now, I’m expecting at the very least a 4x return on Ethereum in the next two years. I personally have it going there even earlier, but for the purpose of allowing buffer in my hypotheses, I will say 2023.


The great Warren…


Here’s my story.

I’ll be honest. My life has been mediocre at best. I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science at one of the top engineering schools in the United States. You might think I don’t have it that bad and you’re completely right. However, there is the fact that I have genuinely no idea what I’m good at. Notice I didn’t say I’m not good at anything. That would be a lie. …


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